Gobble at Sar Hae Seafood

One of my friends in Ahlon Township told me that you can eat Rakhine style seafood at a cheap price.  So, my friend and I hightailed it over to the Sar Hae Seafood restaurant on Ahlon Road near the Sin Min market bus station.

Seafood is available in the Rakhine, Thai and Chinese style cuisine and more. It’s a food stall that’s convenient for groups of friends or families; the price of dishes range from K2500 to 4800.  The small portion of crab (K 4800) is enough for us.  The big portion (K 12,000) is for people who can pack away a lot of chow. We tried crab curry in the Singaporean style.

Prawn, squid, scallop, fish, eel, mud whelks, and jelly fish are also available there in different cooking styles. Since it’s a Rakhine food stall, the dishes are all Rakhine cuisine that is delicious and appetizing.

We had to wait just 10 to 15 minutes to get our food although there are two other groups at dining tables. But, if there are many customers, then we will have to wait for a while. If you don’t like to waste your time, you can order the food you want in advance by phone.

Chicken Soup Curry (Kyet Thauk San) is appetizing: hot and with a lot of zing. We ordered the small portion (K2500), sufficient for three people.

One of my favorite foods is Thai style fried fish salad (K6000). The crispy fish meat is topped with a sauce that includes garlic and green chili. Then, circles of onion are decorated on it. The dish is a big portion.

We tried lotus stems with chili. The crispy lotus stem is sweet and the chili makes your taste buds sizzle. For dessert, I had fried apple. The food stall also offers a delivery service for places near Ahlon.

Address           :Near Sin Min market bus station, Ahlon Road,  Ahlon township, Yangon.

Ph                    :01 223 988, 09- 45 444 1412

Honey (MyLann)

Translation by Thiri Min Htun