Yum Thai Restaurant in Hledan Center

I planned to watch a movie with my friends at the new cinema in Hledan Center in Yangon. Unfortunately, we could not get tickets. But, when we saw food stalls near the cinema, which is located on the second floor of Hledan Center, we decided to get a bite to eat.

 I absolutely adore sour and spicy food; we entered the restaurant named Yum Thai specializing in Thai food. The interior décor is simple yet tasteful. Most diners are young people. The space is not very big but it is suitable for groups of friends or families.

Let me say something about the menu first. It has a variety of sumptuous food available listed in different sections of the menu, such as salads, fried foods and curries.  One portion meals on the menu cost K 2800 or 3500. Other meals range in price from K1500 to 8000. Large portioned dishes can cost up to K12, 800. Even though they are expensive dishes, my friends and I shared one dish and still left the restaurant completely gorged. At the same time we all saved some money when we shared one enormous meal.

Anytime I eat at a Thai restaurant I always order some kind of Thai style salad. On this particular occasion we ordered sweet, sour and spicy corn salad (K 2500) and a savory soft-shell crab curry (K5500) that was a feast for the palate. The sauce that was included made the dish much tastier.
I love any style of fried rice. This time I ordered one dish of fried rice with shrimp paste (K3800). The smell of the shrimp paste was a tad fishy, but not too overpowering and the taste had the perfect amount of salt. It’s even more appetizing eating it warm. It comes with onions, cabbage, cucumber, chili and green mango. All these garnishes are the perfect companion for fried rice. Yummy for the tummy!

We tried Kong Tard. It’s a scrumptious dish with prawns, squid and corn that is accompanied with a zesty sauce. The smell is tantalizing and the portion is big enough to feed the entire Manchester United Football club.

For dessert, we had sweet potato with coconut cream and black sticky rice with coconut milk (K 1500) there are also fresh juices available there to satiate everybody’s sweet tooth.

Yum Thai , where the service is impeccable  and the staff are friendly, is for those who have discerning tastes when it comes fine Thai cuisine and also for those who are wondering where to go in Hledan Centre when their stomach is crying out for food.


Address : Unit 02-14 ( 1 ) , Hledan Center Level 2, Corner of Pyay Road & Hledan Road, KamaryutTownship, Yangon, Myanmar.

Phone Number : 09- 964666181, 09- 965212281

Opening Hours: 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM


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