Dawei Style Small Sorubium with Santol

Ethnic people in Myanmar use their local sour fruit to make sour their curry. They mostly use tamarind, plum, mango, marian, quince, elephant apple and more. These sour fruits have different level of acid. 

March and April are santol season. Meanwhile, small soubium with eggs are abundant. The fish curry with santol is one of famous Dawei cuisines.

The acidity of santol is not high as in tamarind and marian. So, the flavor of the curry with santol is significantly delicious. Some people cook pork with santol. It can be cooked as a kind of paste. The thick outer rind of the fruit is used, not the pulp and the seed.


Clean the fish and marinated with salt, turmeric and shrimp paste. Heat the oil and add pounded chili, onion and garlic to make gravy. Then, add pieces of santol and some water. When the fruit is cooked, add fish and cooked to tender. When the gravy is thick, add some water, coriander leave or cilantro and green chili cut in half. The sweet and sour soup is appetizing. 

San Lwin (Department of Fisheries)