Pepper Love Chili in Hledan Center

Pepper Love Chilli is open on the second floor of the Hledan Center for Marla Xiang Gao lovers. Since it’s in a food court, you can sit at any dining area after you have ordered your food.  When I arrived there, the area was not too crowded. I think people might not know much about it. But, I saw some diners who were relishing their Marla Xiang Gao.
Pepper Love Chilli only makes Marla Xiang Gao. Veggies, fish and other meats are stabbed on skewers. A stick of Chicken, pork and beef is priced at K 600 to 800. A skewer with two meat balls is K 1000. A veggies skewer costs K 300. The expensive one is K1500 for prawns. The rest cost K 300, 600, 800, 1000.  So, you can spend around K10, 000 for two people.

I ordered all four kinds of Marla Xiang Gao: liquid, dry, salad and salad with liquid. I ordered the salad moderately spicy. However, I did not feel hot while I was eating it. But as I was finishing my food I began to feel a wave of heat come over me.The liquid style uses a pork broth and has a boiled meat flavor, it is not very hot. You can have it made at any level of spiciness as long your taste buds can handle it. The salad has a different flavor. The sauce is comprised of peanuts and mixed with four kinds of ingredients, but the peanut flavor stands out. We can order the dish in a sweet or spicy flavor.The salad with a liquid base employs chicken broth, and is healthy. It’s the ideal meal for older folks and children. You can have it prepared so it hot and zesty.

Chinese style soup cooked with white fungus and pears or rice balls (Mont Lone Yay Paw) is also available here. It is a tasty dish and healthy and priced just at K 1000 for a dish.Pepper Love Chilli is a place for those who want to experience new and exciting flavours.

Address: Second floor of Hledan Center’s food court, Corner of Pyay & Hledan Road,

         Kamayut Township,Yangon.

Translation by Thiri Min Htun