Angel Phoo Bakery for Cake Crazy

The green environment and breeze in the evening is part of the charm of the Angel Phoo Café & Bakery. The bakery will welcome you with its spacious compound setting with white seats; it’s located on San Chaung’s Khattar Street. You don’t need to worry about car parking also because the bakery has ample parking spaces inside the compound, you can also find parking spots on the street.

If you sit inside the building, you can enjoy music in an air conditioned environment. And it is a quiet place to   read a book, chat with a friend or conduct business.I first thought that Angel Phoo would only serve coffee and cakes, but it also offers European and Thai food.The cakes at Angel Phoo are what draw many people to the bakery. The Rainbow Crepe Cake is the most popular one.  Everyone who has tried it likes it. I could eat it every day and never get tired of it. Each layer has its own distinctive flavor and the texture is very moist.  These qualities make the Rainbow Crepe cake a best seller at the bakery. One piece is K 3900.

One Bagel can satiate your hunger in the morning; they cost K 4500 if you buy them with cream cheese, there are five types of cream cheese available there.The Galaxy Mousse Cake is K3800 and looks as good as it tastes. Sponge layer cake is topped with a yogurt mousse, and icing frosting. It is very delicious eating the cake’s fluffy texture mixing with different flavors in each layer. Don’t forget to try it. Red Velvet Cake (K 3500 for a piece) is bright red and luscious.
Needless to say the coffee at the bakery is great and the presentation of the varieties of coffee is eye catching plus its robust aroma is mouth-watering .Tea, frappes and fresh Juices are also available there.

We ordered Pork Chops (K 13,000) from the European food menu. The meat is tender and cuts like butter. The flavour of the sauce is saturated in the meat and is really delectable.

If you like fish, try the grilled Sea Bass topped with cheese. It’s a real taste treat to eat sweet fish meat. We tried baked Penne with Seafood, lacing cheese with seafood, it has a rich taste.

For Thai fare, we ordered roasted pork neck salad. It is sour and spicy. The flavor is not too strong, and the smell of basil makes your mouth water. Grilled chicken chops arrived with potatoes and veggies. The sauce brings out the flavour of the meat.

You can order Thai style fried rice with shrimp paste (K 4000) with chicken, pork or seafood. The dish comes with fried egg, pork, cucumber, beans, green mango, chili and garlic.

There are private rooms, so you can go to Angel Phoo to celebrate a birthday party or any other kind of celebration. It provides services from birthday cakes to party decorations.

Delivery service is also available.

Address                          :  No (39), Khattar street, Sanchaung township , Yangon.

Opening Time                : 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Contact information        : 09253098238, 09253022066