Taung Za Lat Flower Salad (Chin State)

Taung Za Lat flowers, which is symbol of Chin State, are found in white and red colour. I have heard that the flower in yellow colour is found in Nat Ma Taung in the State, but I have never seen it. Both of them are edible as salad, but people prefer the red one which is a bit sour. 

Here is the recipe to make the flower salad. You can use dry or fresh flowers. Rinse petals and pour boiled water on them until the petals are soft. Then, the soft petals are left in cold water for a while. After that, you have to squeeze excess water from them and cut into small pieces. Add garlic and onion cooked oil, dry prawn powder, bean powder and salt. If you like spicy flavor, you can add green chili.

San Lwin (Department of Fishries)