Kho Taung Monti

Kho Taung Monti is a well-known local food of Kho Taung village on the road leading to Mingun from Sagaing in Sagaing Region. It is the salad of rice noodles made in the village. The soup of new root stem of taro with fish ball of featherback fish is the most compatible with the salad.In the recipe, Nangyi noodle is used because Kho Taung Monti noodle is not available. But, I tried my best to be similar with the style what Kho Taung Monti vendor did.


Nangyi noodle/ Khodaung noodle           - 2 viss

Featherback fish                                  - 60 tickles

Cabbage                                              -half of a cabbage

Beansprout                                          -10 tickles

Coriander leaves                                  -5 tickles

Long  bean                                          -3 bunches

Bean powder                                       -150 gram

Chili powder (roasted)                          - 5 tickles

Chili powder (raw)                                 - 5 tickles

Fish sauce                                           - 5 tickles

Oil                                                       -25 tickles

Garlic                                                  - 5 tickles

Onion                                                  - 5 tickles

Bean vermicelli                                    -5 tickle

Lime/lemon                                         -one unit

Deep fried Mat Pe                               -some

Some Dashi/seasoning powder, turmeric                   

For soup

New root stem of taro              -20 tickles

Head of featherback fish         -30 tickles

Garlic                                      - 5 cloves

Ginger                                     - one inch piece

Lemongrass                             -two stalks

Fish ball                                   - some

Crispy fried rice noodle           - some

Some salt, seasoning powder, pepper 

For sour

Put thin-cut radish in vinegar, or add lemon juice on slice garlic

Cooking method

Add salt, turmeric and seasoning powder in featherback fish meat and make them into round pieces. Pound five tickle of garlic to make yellow-smelled oil. Heat oil in a wok and put them.To make red oil, put raw chili powder in a cup and pour boiled oil in it.
Rinse long beans and boil them for three minutes and then put in the bowl with cold water. And drain the water using a strainer. Do the same for beansprouts. Shred cabbage and coriander leaves.

To cook soup

Boil heads of fish for a while and throw the water out to get clear broth. Then, boil them for the second time and add smashed garlic, ginger and lemongrass. When the fish heads are tenderly cooked, add fish ball and taro stem. Add salt and pepper later as you like.

To make Monti salad

Put rice noodle, shredded cabbage, boiled beansprout and beans in a bowl. Then add yellow and red cooked oil, fish sauce, seasoning powder, bean powder, and lemon juice. Decorate with fish ball and fried Mat Pe. For the soup, you can serve it adding coriander leaves and crispy fried rice noodles.