Foods Suitable for Cold Weather

Some foods suitable for cold weather are:

1.Chicken and Lemon Salad

Buy a small chicken and boiled until its tender add ginger and garlic. Shred the chicken meat and mix with lemon pulp .It is good for elder people in  thecold season. 

2. Carp with Tamarind 

Fry pieces of carp in peanut or sesame oil till golden brown. Put them in a sieve to drain oil. Cook the thick liquid of tamarind with garlic and onion. And put the deep fried fillets in gravy. Tamarind has the power to reduce heat in your tummy. 

3. Drumstick in Sour Soup 

Cut a drumstick into pieces. Cook it with potato, aubergine, chick peas and add tamarind liquid. Then, add masala powder which could improve your appetite. 

4.Bamboo Shoot with Roselle 

If you cook the dish till its dry, you can keep it for few days. Bamboo shoots are rich in fibers, and good for digestion. The roselle is also good for reducing the heat in your stomach.

5.Featherback Fish Ball in Sour Soup 

You can use carp or featherback fish’s meat. Make balls of fish meat and cook with tamarind juice with a little oil. Put in some green chili to make it appetizing. 

6.Pounded Chaenomeles (Chin Saw Khar Thee) 

It could help tp not get chapped skin in the winter because its rich in vitamin C. Pound it with garlic, onion and ginger. Add some green chili if you can eat spicy food. To sweat in cold season eat sour and spicy foods. 

7.Fish and Star Fruit 

The fruit is sour but a bit sweet when it is ripe. If you cut it in cross sections, you can see the star shapes of the slices. The fruit could reduce drowsiness power of hilsa. 

8.Kyazan Hinga 

If you lost appetite for rice and curry, try Kyarzan Hinga to get your appetite back. The wood ear mushroom and lily stem included in the soup can reduce cholesterol.

9.Tomato Pan Htway Phyaw (Salsa) 

Pound garlic and onion, and put some oil in burned tomato paste. If you want to make it spicy,    you can add some green chili. 

10.Wax Gourd Soup 

Slice winter gourd and boil in water with shrimp paste or dried prawn powder. When the soup is boiled, add some pepper. Some pound garlic and pepper and add dried prawn powder. It can prevent seasonal colds. 

11.Bitter Gourd Spicy Curry 

Bitter gourd has the power to make you drowsy, but chili can prevent drowsiness. If you have a  cough, you should not eat it.

Kyi Lwin Myint (Mudra) 

Translation by Thiri Min Htun