Capital Hypermarket’s New Food Court

I’m the kind of new millennial women who doesn’t like to waste time. So when I go out on a shopping expedition to buy a new wardrobe, cosmetics and other items that are essential for my personal lifestyle I will always pick a shopping mall that has a decent food court in order to save time; because after a few hours of intense shopping a girl can build up a serious appetite.  Recently I was on a shopping excursion in Central Mall hunting down a short, tight, black leather mini-skirt and fishnet stockings when all of a sudden my stomach was sending my brain signals that nourishment was much sought after. By the time I reached the Capital Malls food court only four food stalls were open so I paid a visit to all four to see how they differed.

They are Ya Kun, Titu’s, What a Chicken and Mogoke Daw Shan. 

Ya Kun

The restaurant here had a promotion, so the prices of the meals were cheaper than other places though they have the same portions and flavours.  I ordered Curry Potato Sandwich and Kampung Fried Rice with Chicken Wings. Whenever I go to Yan Kun, I always have some kind of sandwich.  This time, I opted for the Curry Potato Sandwich (K2500). I ate veggies, curry potato, bread and French fries with sauce. The fried rice is the dish I like best at Ya Kun. The fried rice is cooked in butter so even if the dish is cold; the rice is still soft to chew. The fried chicken is crispy outside, but the interior is tender. I ordered orange juice to wash down my food. I tried Ya Kun’s Rose Merry Frostyz (K2000). I felt exhilarated after having it. 


I wanted order its popular briyani, but it had not been cooked yet. Instead, I decided to have Mutton Parata (K2800). I also ordered Samosa salad (K1500). A big samosa is mixed with beans and potato curry, cabbage and carrot. I relished the dish. 

What A Chicken (Yangon’s Best Chicken Rice)

I ordered coconut rice and spicy fried chicken (K2500). It came with fried dry fish and fried peanuts. It is better also if you have it with Century egg steamed with ginseng (K 400).  

Mogoke Daw Shan

When I asked for a recommendation for one their more popular dishes, they said Pork Stew, so I ordered it (K2500). When it arrived on my dining table, I first tested the juices from the pork. It has the flavor of soup. The dish is made up of soft noodles, fresh mustard and tender pork leg. It is a meal suitable for both children and older folks.  I ordered Vietnamese Spring Rolls that came with chicken sausage, crab meat, carrot and lettuce. The dish (K1600) is a delicious one.Address: 14-E, Min Nandar Street, ground floor of Capital Hypermarke,

 Dawbon township, Yangon.

MYO (My Lann)

Translation by Thiri Min Htun