Sing for Your Supper at mCube

While my friends and I were hanging out in City Mall in Yangon, we reached mCube to relieve our stress by singing. By dinner time, our stomachs were sending us messages: “FEED ME!”  So, we decided to sample some of the edible goodies at mCube.

 1.Seafood with Pepper

This dish is a mixture of veggies, mushrooms and a variety of seafood with a lot of peppers. It has a hot fiery flavor that makes it mouthwatering.

 2. Kung Pao  Chicken

A Sweet and spicy dish, which goes perfectly with any cocktail, it’s a combination of deep fried chicken with peanut, cashew nut and dry chili. Chinese wine added in the meal gives it a heartier flavor. Although its appearance is similar to Konbaung the falvour is different.

3. Pig Intestine Salad

The big intestine pieces are tenderly cooked and mixed with tomatoes and lemon leaves. It is sour and spicy.

 4. Pork Rib with Kyanmasine ( pickled mustard plant)

It is a soup that’s a mixture of Kyanmasine, green chili and gently steamed pork rib. It is a good dish for those who crave a robust taste.

 5. Prawn Sichuan

Deep fried prawns are mixed with spring onion, dried chili and peanuts. (Kung Pao chicken and Prawn Sichuan is available only here. Don’t forget to try them.
Here are set dishes we tried.

1. Rice with Chicken salad and quail egg and fish ball soup

The salad is made with boiled chicken. The soup includes eggs, fish balls and veggies.


2. Rice with roasted pork and fish head soup

Pork neck is roasted to give it a sweet flavour. Fish head soup with a lemongrass aroma is mixed with bamboo shoots, bean curd and wood ear mushrooms to give it a sour and spicy flavour. A real taste treat!


3. American fried rice and Sour-and-Spicy chicken

The fried rice with tomato sauce is cooked in butter instead of oil to give the dish a very distinctive taste. Fried chicken drum and chicken sausage are added to the rice. The sour-and-spicy chicken is a simple blending of eggs and veggies in a broth with chicken.

The set dishes are for one person.  It comes with soup, so it is suitable for those who find it difficult to eat rice with only dry food.

And don’t forget to try the cocktails; they’re really delicious, and really potent, so think about taking a taxi home.

The price of karaoke rooms for those who want to sing are the following: a small room is K 11,000 a medium room is K 15,000 while a big room is K 20,000, a VIP room is K 30,000 and a VVIP is K40,000. The rooms are clean and comfortable and include a quality sound system.

What I like most is that an extra TV is placed in the room, for those who do not want to sing. So, while your girlfriend and her female friends are working on their Ni Ni Khin Zaw or Taylor Swift impersonations you can chill out with your friends and catch a movie or watch the latest football match.

I’d also like to say that mCube is an ideal place for throwing a private party. mCube Family Karaoke is the best social venue for families and  friends.


Address                          : St.John City Mall, Level 3. Opposite of the cinema,

             Corner of Pyay Road &      Minyekyawswar Road,

Lanmadaw Township, Yangon.


Opening Time                : 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Monday to Thursay

                                    9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Friday to Sunday

Contact information     : 09 33 607999

MYO (My Lann)