Jo Jo Hot Pot available Mala Xiang Gao

I can’t resist searching for new food stalls where Mala Xiang Gao is available, and a Facebook newsfeed said Jo Jo Hot Pot started to sell my favourite food.We ambled over to the branch in Junction 8’s second floor. I am usually curious about meat and veggies first.Out of more than 70 ingredients, I picked prawn eggs, chicken sausage with cheese, pork, seafood and cheese meat balls and different tenderized meats. The meat can be available in three flavors: sweet, spicy and original.

After I picked out what I wanted to eat, I weighed the food. Then, I ordered to have it cooked with meat broth, and with no spicy and hot ingredients that could make my tongue burn. You can decide if you want your food super spicy or mild or you can have it prepared to be somewhere between mild and nuclear spicy.

You can see in the picture, there is no excess oil. When I tried it, I was convinced that it is better than I expected, even though the food lacked spices, it was delectable and I couldn’t stop shoveling into my mouth. The veggies were crisp and sweet. The meatballs and tenderized meat are fresh and luscious.

 Finally, cold lemon tea arrived on our table because it comes with hot pot meals.I’d like mention the soups at Jo Jo Hot Pot, there are five soup options: Sweet, Marla, Tom Yum, Miso and Tomato.

Whenever I go there I always order Jo Jo’s homemade meat balls, prawn sticks, and Taro rice, which never fail to tempt me with different savory flavours.
Here are the addresses of Jo Jo’s two restaurants.
Address           : No.23-A, Nawaday road, Dagon township (opposite of No.1, BEHS Dagon)

Opening hr      : 11am to 10pm 

Address           : Junction 8 shopping center (2nd floor)

Opening hr      : 10am to 9pm
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Translation by Thiri Min Htun