29,000+ tonnes of corn set for April shipment to Thailand

During the third week of April, more than 29,000 tonnes of corn seeds will be shipped to Thailand by sea. On 21 April, 19,300 tonnes were shipped, with an additional 2,700 tonnes and 7,150 tonnes scheduled for shipment on 22 and 25 April respectively.


Previously, most corn seeds were exported to Thai­land via the Myawady border. However, due to difficulties in transport facilities, they are now being exported by sea.


Myanmar’s corn is typical­ly exported to India, the Philip­pines, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, and various African countries. Thailand, Viet Nam, and Laos are frequent buyers of Myan­mar corn due to the growing annual demand.


Myanmar produces ap­proximately 2.3 million tonnes of corn annually, with domestic food production industries con­suming 1.2 to 1.5 million tonnes of it. — TWA/TKO