Aungbarlay Lottery switches to automated draw on 1 Feb

In the commencement of the 59th Aung­barlay Lottery on 1 February 2024, Air Blow Digital Machines will replace hu­mans in selecting the winning numbers for both the ticket Aungbarlay lottery system and the online Aungbarlay lot­tery system, as announced by the State Lottery Directorate of the Internal Revenue Department.


The report indicates that Air Blow Digital Machines and RFID balls, which are identical in weight and size, will represent both letters of the al­phabet and numbers. Sales of tickets for the 59th Aungbarlay Lottery have generated over K5.52 billion.


For the opening day of the 59th Aungbarlay Lottery, a total of 552,276 ticket books priced at K1,000 each have already been sold. Prizes for the 59th Aungbarlay Lottery will include one award of K500 million, one award of K200 million, one award of K100 million, four awards of K50 million, five awards of K20 million, nine awards of K10 mil­lion, twelve awards of K5 million, six­teen awards of K2 million, fourteen awards of K1 million, and thirty awards of K300,000 under the Waiwai Sarsar Padaytha category. There will also be 300 awards of K200,000, 5,000 awards of K100,000, 20,000 awards of K50,000, and 100,000 awards of K10,000. Fur­thermore, there will be four additional awards of K1 million, twenty awards of K300,000, two hundred awards of K200,000, and two thousand awards of K100,000 from the confiscated prizes of K250 million.


The report also mentions that the public will be able to observe and verify the RFID balls before the lottery draw. — TWA/TMT