Awareness campaign for GI designation of Shwebo Pawsan rice

AN awareness campaign for Shwebo Pawsan (high-grade rice variety) to get a Geographical Indication (GI) designation was held on 15 March in Leikchin village in Shwebo district.


The Shwebo Pawsan Farming, Milling and Trading Association (Central) has been raising awareness of GI. Working agendas and cooperation, the interest of the farmers, traders and millers if GI is earned, the business operating system for quality management drawn up by the SPFMTA were highlighted at the event.


Under the support of GRET Myanmar, the SPFMTA is exerting efforts for Shwebo Pawsan (high-grade rice variety) to get a Geographical Indication (GI) designation. “Pedigree seed access plays a pivotal role in seeking GI.


The SPFMTA is also running Seed Centre developed under JICA’s project to produce pedigree and quality Pawsan variety in the Shwebo district. It is providing drying and treatment services and costs K70,000 per 100 baskets of paddy seeds.


Drying service costs K40,000 per 100 baskets”, a member of SPFMTA elaborated. The SPFMTA encourages the growers for seed drying and treatment. Those enthusiastic farmers can contact them via 09453873280, 09969220298, 09766414909 and 09787951522. In order to acquire copyright for Shwebo Pawsan, the related organizations and the farmers are working together to meet quality and GI criteria. Pawsan rice crop was previously grown in the Ayeyawady delta regions.


Now, it is cultivated across the country. There are about 1.3 million acres of Pawsan rice crop every year. Pawsan varieties vary in different regions and harvest seasons. A GI is a specific intellectual property right that designates a product from a specific region and whose characteristics result in both the natural conditions of its origin and the expertise of local producers. — Lu Lay/GNLM