Basic Sewing Machine Operator Training Course set on 24 June- 12 July

Myanmar Garment Manufac­turers Association (MGMA) will open a Basic Sewing Machine Operator Training Course (Batch 239) from 24 June to 12 July 2024 at the Myanmar Garment Hu­man Resources Development Training Centre (MGHRDC).


The course will provide practical and technical ap­proaches to sewing machines, different sewing methods, labour laws and practices.


This training will also help job seekers from regions out­side Yangon connect with the garment factories with a view to creating job opportunities.


Those who wish to attend the training can enrol through phone numbers 09 940858350, 09 450723262, 09 9403912570, 09 784085794 and 09 952802635. — NN/EM