Beware of prevention and control for new variant Omicron

January 18,2022

NOWADAYS, the Saturn COVID-19 does not disappear across the world and it can still pose threats to the global people. The Omicron, a variant of the COVID-19 pandemic, stretches its wings to most of the countries throughout the world. 

The Ministry of Health of Myanmar is constantly monitoring and surveillance on the infection of the disease-related to Omicron while making efforts for beefing up the prevention and control measures, preparing 418 quarantine centres and 93 treatment centres. Now, laboratory tests claim Omicron confirmed patients who returned from other countries by relief flights. 

The harmonious efforts among the health staff, the people and relevant departments and social organizations could show better and better results on plunging the number of infected patients and mortality rate. But, they all should not be in a daze for the decreased infection rate and they have to notice the possibility of increasing the infection rate at any time. 

Moreover, the ministry emphasizes preparations for providing oxygen, medicines and medical equipment in cooperation with local authorities, those from charity organizations and well-wishers to be able to encounter the possible threats of the Omicron variant. Even though they follow the health guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health it may be enough for encountering the Omicron. 

As a regular measure, the people need to strictly abide by the health restrictions for COVID-19. Those suspects have to inform nearby health units about their sufferings so as to take proper treatments. As part of preventing the infection, people need to take full vaccination of anti-COVID-19. All walks of life should join hands with the Ministry of Health in prevention, control and treatment activities of the pandemic. 

No matter what the variants of COVID-19 emerge, the basic needs of preventive measures are wearing masks, washing hands, taking social distancing and avoiding public places and crowds. If so, everybody or every country is sure to overcome the impacts and challenges of forthcoming variants of COVID-19. Otherwise, they can mitigate the casualties in the infection of COVID-19 variants. 

Unity is strength. Prevention is better than cure. Hence, all the people in Myanmar should not waste valuable time in their daily life with preparatory tasks against the COVID-19 in and out of their residences. Their minds should be inserted with compassion and sympathy over confirming patients by giving a helping hand to them.