Border trade via ITCs exceeds K47 bln

7 July


BORDER trade using individual trading  cards  (ITCs)  reached  K47 billion in the period from 1 October to 21 June in the current fiscal year, with exports totalling K7.6 billion and imports reaching K39.6  billion,  according  to  the  Ministry of Commerce.  


In  the  October-June  peri-od, Myanmar traded with neigh-bouring  states  through  just  10  border  camps,  while  border  merchants conducted trade with neighbouring China, India, Thai-land, and Bangladesh through 17 checkpoints.


Individual trade with India was carried out through Tamu, Reed  and  Htantalan  gates,  with  Bangladesh  through  Sit-tway and Maungtaw gates, with China  through  Muse,  Lwejel,  Chinshwehaw, Kanpaiktee, and Kengtung,  and  with  Thailand  via  Myawady,  Tachilek,  Myeik, Kawthoung, Mawtaung, Htikee, and Maese checkpoints.


The value of individual bor-der  trade  stood  at  K3.5  billion  at  Tamu,  K26  million  at  Muse,  K25.3  billion  at  Myawady,  K70  million at Tachilek, K6.9 million at Lwejel, K1.6 billion at Kanpai-ktee, K4.07 billion at Kawthoung, K1.3 billion at Reed, K10.6 billion at Mawtaung, and K635 million at Kengtung.


The  Commerce  Ministry  has  been  issuing  ITCs  to  mer-chants since the 2012-2013FY to boost  border  trade  with  neigh-bouring  countries.  Since  of  the  programme  began,  ITCs  have    been issued to 1,652 merchants. The  Ministry  has  issued  128  cards  to  border  traders  in  the  current  financial  year.—Shwe  Khine


(Translated  by  Khaing  Thanda Lwin)