Broken rice price surges to K43,000 per bag

The price of broken rice jumped to K43,000 per 108-pound bag, according to the Wahdan Rice Wholesale Centre.


The price of broken rice was K40,000 per 108-pound bag on 10 February 2023. The price regained to K43,000 per bag on 14 February 2023, reflecting a significant increase of K3,000 per bag within a few days.


The rice demand of export­ers pushed up the price of bro­ken rice, traders said.


Additionally, the prices of various rice varieties also moved up in the domestic mar­kets. The prices of new high-grade Pawsan rice were around K72,000-87,000 per bag, while old 90-day short-mature rice fetched K61,000 and new one was valued at K56,000. New Khuni rice was worth K63,000 per bag.


Myanmar Rice Federation, Myanmar Rice and Paddy Trad­ers Association, Myanmar Rice Millers Association, traders in­volved in rice wholesale centres (Wahdan and Bayint Naung) have offered rice at a cheaper rate from 3 August 2022 every day between 9 am and 3 pm ex­cept for office holidays.


Ayeyawady Pawsan, Shwe­bo Pawsan, Pawkywe and short-mature rice varieties (90 days) will be sold at a cheap­er price between K35,000 and K77,000 per bag.


Each household is entitled to buy one rice bag only and those resellers, traders and re­tailers are excluded from this scheme. — NN/EM