Chilli price rises to K18,000 per viss


The whole price of chilli rose to K18,000-K18,500 per viss on 6 August in Yangon chilli market.
Chilli of Thedaw, Kyaukse and Thazi Moehtaung fetched K16,500 to K17,000 per viss and K18,000 to K18,500 per viss for the chilli taken out from the cold storage.
Panye Hmyarni cold storage chilli fetched K17,000 per viss and ordinary K16,000, deltaic long chilli from cold storage K17,500 and ordinary K16,000 to K16,500 per viss and the Netherlands long chilli K14,500.
Chilli pepper was priced at K15,500 to K17,000 per viss, Myitwa chilli pepper from cold storage at K13,500 to K14,500 per viss, Hsinbyukyun chilli pepper at K1,4500, and Kappli Kyawkon at K13,000.
Green chilli species were recently set as K7,000 per viss for Karli (Penang) and then rose to K12,000 per viss yesterday, and Kyauksein green chilli K2,500 per viss, according to chilli wholesale of Thiri Mingala new market.
Chilli prices rose to K10,000 per viss this month. Wholesalers and businesspersons engaging in the trading of chilli earned increased income in 2022.
This year’s onion, garlic, potato and tamarind prices are yet to reach the highest prices of last year although prices of the majority of kitchen and foodstuff goods faced high prices in 2022, said Ko Hla Aung, chilli purchaser.
This year’s chilli prices are higher than that of the previous year. Prices of edible oil, sugar and jaggery follow the prices of chilli.—TWA/GNLM