Construction of rural road in Sawsar village in Hsi Hseng Township being inspected

Hsi Hseng 5 August


Construction of a rural road, a rural bridge and related works is being inspected by officials from Hsi Hseng Township Department of Rural Development, Pa’O Self-Administered Zone, Shan State (South) on August, 5.


The officials from the Township Department of Rural Development inspected the construction site conducted by tender winning companies and called the responsible people from the companies for timely completion and meeting the set standard. 


The construction of the road, bridge and related works is being conducted with K 169.695 million allocated by Union. Upon completion, a total of 1074 people from 200 households will deliver their agricultural products to the markets with saving time and money, according to an official from the Township DRD.


Cho Than Nyunt (Kyaylatt)
Translated by Suyee