Continue following restrictions on the prevention of infectious diseases

August 02, 2022

WHO Director-General on 23 July 2022 declared the ongoing monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern. The World Health Organization declared a state of emergency at a time when control and preventive measures should be taken against polio disease and the Covid-19 pandemic.
Monkeypox which started infection from Africa to Europe has spread to many global countries beyond the prediction of medical experts, according to the WHO. Now, Myanmar should take caution that a person bearing monkeypox disease was recently found in its neighbouring country.
Myanmar is making preparations to fight against monkeypox and declared it a state of emergency for public health. It is noticeable that the disease spreads the countries where it had not broken out before. According to the analyzing outbreak of the disease, although Myanmar is yet to face monkeypox, it is necessary to take care of the situation that it may enter the country via foreign countries. Due to interrelations with neighbouring countries, Myanmar has launched the prevention and control of the disease as India, Thailand and Singapore found some patients with monkeypox.
Indeed, most of the symptoms of monkeypox are similar to smallpox disease which had broken out in Myanmar in the past. Smallpox’s infection rate was so high, hence the country fought against it as a national duty. On one hand, Covid-19 started to resurge in the country. Although infection of Covid-19 is under control, new variants emerge one after another, ringing the alarm bell for preventive measures.
BA4 and BA5 variants of Covid-19 are spreading in other countries. New variants cause less severe without death but their infection rate is high. Hence, all the people should cooperate with the authorities in taking preventive and control measures and searching for new variants with momentum.
New diseases such as variants of Covid-19 and monkeypox which emerge one after another throughout the world are attacking the global people, bringing disadvantages to them. To be able to conquer these diseases, people from all global countries including those from Myanmar need to strictly follow the health rules and regulations issued by the relevant ministries.

Actually, no one can accept the severe infection of diseases in society. An outbreak of any disease hampers the socio-economic status of the people and blocks the economic growth of the country. But, the collaborative efforts between the government and the people to battle the diseases are the best way to overcome these challenges.