Cooperative societies to bid for their properties in Bago Region

A total of 16 properties owned by cooperative societies in the Bago Region will be auctioned on 2 December to those who want to do business, said the authorities concerned.


Plots of land and buildings owned by the township cooper­ative societies located in Bago, Kawa, Waw, DaikU, Toungoo, Htantabin and Kyauktaga Town­ships in Bago Region (East) and Gyobingauk, Pyay, Paungde, Thayawady, Shwedaung, The­gon, Minhla and Nattalin Town­ships in Bago Region (West), will be sold through an auction system to those who want to do domestic business.


The buildings are storage fa­cilities, wedding halls, fish ponds and timber shops, according to the auction team. Applications can be purchased at the respec­tive township cooperative socie­ties starting from 28 November.


The deadline for applica­tions for buildings in Bago Re­gion (East) has been set at 1 December and the auction will be held on 2 December. The last date to submit applications for buildings in Bago Region (West) is 5 December and the auction for those buildings will be held on the same day, it is learnt. — TWA/GNLM