Delightful beauty of Kyaukgatin waterfall, pagodas in Minbu attract tourists

KYAUKGATIN waterfall and pagodas, located near the Mann Shwesettaw Pagoda in Minbu (Sagu) Township, Magway Region, are going to capture tourists with delightful beauty.

The waterfall is an hour’s drive from Minbu and is located more than two miles west of Phaya Village, near the Mann Shwesettaw Pagoda. The sound of the springs in all seasons, the constant flow of water, and the soothing sounds of the little birds are very pleasant.

There is also a mountain called Bodaw Mountain near the waterfall, where saints in the past did meditation and about 30 small pagodas were built for the future generations to worship. – Zeyar Htet (Minbu)/GNLM