Department of Consumer Affairs taking care of consumers and businesses

Naing Oo (DOCA)

MINISTRY of Commerce Department of Consumer Affairs has been safeguarding consumers’ rights, providing remedies and solution to any harm or damages caused to the consumers and ensure product and service safety. Consumers’ access to safe products and services were assured in accordance to international norms set. Required laws were enacted, up to date instructions and notifications were issued. Only then can the 50 million consumers of the country lead a full life term free from harmful consequences of harmful products and services.

While caring for consumers on one hand Department of Consumer Affairs was also driving businesses on the other hand toward providing their products and services not only to the local market but also to the international market at international standards and norms. Only then can the consumer lead a full life term free from harmful consequences of harmful products and services while businesses develop.

The department personnel were serving in all states and regions as well as in remote areas to conduct consumer protection works.

Cooperation of the public at its own volition.

Consumer protection work can be successfully only when the public cooperate at its own volition. Only with the cooperation and participation of local consumer protection organizations, NGOs and related departmental organizations can this work be conducted at an increasing momentum. Consumers and businesses are our own people and citizens. They are dependent on one another. If one faces difficulties, it’ll affect the country as a whole. It’ll hinder the development of the country.

Services and products are to be provided according to the amount of money paid. Even small matters that’ll harm the consumers need to be avoided. Enacted laws, notifications and instructions need to be followed.

The department had conducted talks that are beneficial to the consumers. Inspections conducted and educations provided. Remedial actions were demanded in cooperation with relevant ministerial departments for any harm, damage or hurt caused to the consumers. Due to these actions a certain level of success had been achieved. Consumers now know and demanded their rights. Businesses also no longer produce products or provide services irresponsibly. They provide safe products and services responsibly and dutifully at the set norms and standards.

Amendment bill to the law drawn up

Amendment bill to 2014 Consumer Protection Law had been drawn up to strengthen and make it more comprehensive in protecting the consumer. It is expected to be enacted soon. Consumer Information and Complaint Centres (CICCs) were opened in states, regions and districts for the consumer to make complaints with ease for any damage and harm caused by a product or service. Cooperation and contact were made with international organizations to raise the consumer protection works.

As a latest attempt toward increasing consumer protection, complaints and compensation for harm and damages caused by a product or service can be made via mobile applications starting from 27 February 2019.

The mobile application can be used in either Myanmar or English language. Consumer complaints can be made with forms included in the application. With this, complaints can reach Consumer Affairs Department directly in a short time and with ease. The application will provide information about the department, central committee for consumer protection, notifications and instructions regarding businesses, consumers, products and services, question and answer session with consumers and business persons, consumer protection news and activities, addresses of CICCs and Consumer Protection Law.

Remedial actions available in short time

In addition to making arrangements for consumers to file complaints on damages, losses, dissatisfactions via state, region, district and township Consumer Affairs Department offices, telephones and Consumer Affairs Department website mm/complaint/ the application provided now can allow consumers to file complaints and obtain remedial actions in a short time, at a wider scope and with ease. However, at the moment this application can be used only with Android phones. The application can be obtained by typing and searching for DOCA Myanmar in Google Play Store or clicking the link and downloading from

At this situation businesses are to provide products and services that are according to business ethic not only to the local market but also to international market in order for the country to develop in a balanced way while relevant departments, organizations and consumers are to assist by ensuring that safe and reliable products and services were received and to obtain remedial actions, assistance and report about products and services if any harms or damages were caused. (Translated by Handytips)