Domestic gold price hits new peak of around K4.3 mln per tical

With spot gold price persistently rally­ing to over US$2,170 per ounce and kyat devaluation to approximately K3,740 against the US dollar on 25 March 2024, domestic gold price hit a new record high of K4.29 million per tical (0.578 ounce or 0.016 kilogramme).


Meanwhile, the Yangon Gold En­trepreneurs Association (YGEA) set the reference price at K3.7948 million per tical, showing a significant differ­ence of about K500,000 per tical from the actual market value.


The YGEA warned gold traders to halt business unless they make transac­tions below the YGEA’s reference price, according to a notification released on 16 March.


Those unscrupulous dealers are manipulating the market by misleading information. Authorities concerned are inspecting the cause of price fluctua­tions, and legal proceedings against them are being undertaken, the noti­fication stated.


As a result of this, the YGEA re­quested dealers to make gold transac­tions below the set reference price and avoid the spread of false news and price manipulation on 12 March.


The kyat depreciation to K4,000 against the US dollar drove the gold price up to a record high of K4 million per tical in late August 2023. — NN/EM