Early harvested durian fetches good price in Thuwunnawadi in Mon State, low yield expected

This year, durians in Thuwunnawadi, Mon State have been harvested early and are fetching a good price. However, the yield is expected to be low this season as durian farms in villages near the town have declined.


“Durian is not abundant like before. Some plants have died. Moreover, some farmers in the towns have substituted durian with rubber. Due to low yield, the fruit is fetching a high price”, said a farmer who has shifted from cultivating durian to rubber.


“Some durians are ready for harvesting. Some durians are still too small to be picked. A normal-sized durian is priced over K5,000 at the farm. Fruit vendors can make a profit from durian sales, depending on their quality and size,” said a fruit vendor from Theinseik Ward in Thuwunnawadi Town.


In previous years, Theinseik durian was well-known for its taste. Now, the yield has declined on account of weather conditions and a drop in the number of farms. —Khun (Winpa)


(Translated by Ei Myat Mon)