Efficiently consume electricity without waste

January 27, 2022

The Ministry of Electricity and Energy manages generating electricity at various hydropower plants, natural gas power plants and recycling power plants to the national grid which feeds various power stations for electrifying the public households and industries on a daily basis.

Generally, the electricity sector can produce some 4,200 megawatts in maximum. Hence, the needy electricity is imported abroad at high prices. Currently, the offshore natural gas stations regularly are under maintenance, declining 540 megawatts. Meanwhile, as terrorists blow up 230kV towers many times, the supply of electricity lessens about 180 megawatts.

As such, the supply of electricity is lessening some 1,470 megawatts than the actual generation. Although the government is striving for generating electricity at full capacity, some 930 megawatts of electricity may be declining for various reasons. As a result, people will partially face outage of electricity in limited times.

There are 10.9 million households in the country. At present, about 6.6 million families among them are consuming electricity from the national grid. Hence, they have to efficiently use the electricity. 
Systematic use of electricity may save some 100 watts per family. As such, the consumption of electricity across the nation can save some 432 megawatts in total.

Moreover, people should use LED blubs for electrifying their residences to reduce electrification. If so, more than 6.6 million families can save about 132 megawatts. Consequently, the saved consumption of electricity will be utilized in other needy places.

Indeed, people should save consumption of electricity without unnecessary uses. Individual practices of saving electricity can help others as much as possible with sympathy to have the right to use the electricity. They all need to accept the arrangements of the relevant ministries in implementing the limited electrification plan. At a time when the situation is properly turned into normalcy, they all will have to consume the electricity as usual.