Enhance capacity in leader’s life on a daily basis

Humans are living in society as a nature. Two persons from the society need to negotiate by doing everything for the satisfaction of both sides called a win-win situation to be able to avoid hostile acts between them. Both persons need to taste a harmonious living for their days.
If a two-person group is added with one more, the three-person group will face greater progress as well as worse problems. They may face worse challenges but try to overcome them. They all need to seek ways and means for solving all problems. In this regard, before solving the problems, negotiating among them is of great importance.
In solving the problems, one of three persons gradually takes a leading role and the remaining two become followers. Indeed, a person cannot do everything, so it is necessary to divide the jobs among others. But the persons who divide the assignments for others need to motivate other persons to be keen to do the jobs.
Leaders must have a high capability to negotiate with partners to successfully solve problems. Negotiation skill is of great importance for all. But only when the leaders have negotiation skills will all work processes be completed. Applying the management and negotiation skills, leaders need to organize the followers to be able to march to the same goal.
As now is the technological era with advancements per day, leaders need to uplift their capacity by studying new techniques to tackle society. Leaders need to adopt new ways and means as well as new tactics to improve the relevant societies. They should analyze the strong and weak points of all projects and how to amend the plans to have better ones.
Leaders must have the capacity how to approach the change in all aspects and how to overcome the challenges of change management in a smooth process. To have success in all processes, leaders need to cement relations with partners and followers vertically and horizontally. As a result, the success of leaders in all measures depends on their efforts, skills of tactics, negotiation and approaching the ways and means to solve the problems through friendly relations with followers.

In the technological era, both leaders and followers must be skilful to apply modern technologies as well as have the creativity to easily overcome daily challenges. Importantly, they have to assess their skills and efforts whether these stand in the correct ways or not.