Expert: High demand for eco-friendly bamboo products faces challenges

U Kyaw Win, a bamboo expert from the Bamboo Shoots and Bamboo Cultivators Association, stated that the eco-friendly bam­boo products market is facing challenges due to a limited num­ber of manufacturers despite sol­id consumer demand. Currently, the association primarily focus­es on the production of bamboo furniture and bamboo buildings.


Additionally, they offer courses on bamboo charcoal baking, bamboo distillation, and the production of bamboo soap and bamboo shampoo.


“Bamboo furniture sales have decreased compared to last year. In the past, we had to work both day and night shifts, but that is no longer the case.


“The market for bamboo is narrow, but there is still in­terest in our bamboo furniture. Bamboo beds and lounges are popular at resorts and restau­rants, and bamboo chick rolls are in demand all year round,” said U Kyaw Win. Currently, raw bamboo materials are scarce, and their prices are rising, along with transportation and service fees.


Although the public is in­terested in bamboo products like lamps, tissue boxes, and other souvenirs, the number of manufacturers is limited due to market challenges. — ASH/ TRKM