Factories to be allowed to reopen if complied with health criteria Level A

16 Oct

The factories which do not meet health criteria (Level A) set by the Ministry of Health and Sports has suspended so far, and they can reopen only after mandatory preparations, Yangon Region government released a notification on 14 October.

At present, 2,184 factories, workplaces and businesses in Yangon started to reopen on 12 October as they received Level A, as per the combined inspection team.

The team will continue checking those permitted factories.

Furthermore, they will closely inspect 4,076 factories with Level B during factories operation. If the factories fail to meet Level A, the operation will temporarily halt.

During the suspension period, they have to prepare for Level A, the regional government’s notification stated.

Yangon Region government will notify the factories, workplaces and businesses of the preparations to meet Level A.

The internal audit of the offices, factories and workplaces must be formed to submit their preparedness report to the inspection team through online and later. The inspection team will check them if necessary. The scrutiny committee for the industrial zone development and the relevant management committee will ensure sustainable compliance of the factories, workshops and businesses. The respective township teams will inspect the factories, workplaces and the firms outside the industrial zone.

Those enterprises currently running are mandatory to sanitize the workplace after office hours every day. Suppose those factories, workplaces and businesses are found in compliance with health guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and Sports. In that case, the related scrutiny committees will take action against those employers and employees under the Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases Law and Natural Disaster Management Law, the regional government notified. 

(Translated by Ei Myat Mon)