Failure to perform military service will result in penalties

State Administration Council Member Deputy Prime Minis­ter Union Minister for Defence Admiral Tin Aung San, in his capacity as Chairman of the Central Body for Summoning People’s Military Servants, at­tended the 4/2024 coordination meeting of the central body in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.


At the meeting, he talked about the previous meetings, drafting of the People’s Military Service Rule (fourth draft) after receiving the recommendations of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, cooperation to offer suggestions for the rule (fourth draft) and plans to seek approval by sub­mitting it to the Union Govern­ment Meeting via the Security, Peace and Stability and Rule of Law Committee.


He then mentioned the time frame for the 3rd batch train­ing amended to be fit with the ground situation, and public awareness programmes, distri­bution of 686,250 handouts, news releases via MRTV, Radios, TV Spot, articles, editorial and an­nouncements by the leader of SAC Information Team and an official of Directorate of Public Relations and Psychological Warfare as TV magazine and radio magazines and on web portal of the Ministry of De­fence, sending of Short Mes­sage Service (SMS) about the People’s Military Service Law and Sections 22 and 15 (a) by four Mobile Operators.


Vice-Chairman of the cen­tral body Chief of the Gener­al Staff (Army, Navy and Air) General Maung Maung Aye also discussed taking action against those who fail to join training courses as per the existing law and make preparations to con­duct Training No 3 successfully.


In conclusion, the Admiral said the challenges encountered in meeting the target numbers in previous training courses were met, and there was a sub­stitute section. As there were no perfect SOPs, it took time to check the inventory discrepan­cy. Therefore, it should learn from such experience to be able to manage systematically for coming training courses.


He finally called on the of­ficials of Nay Pyi Taw Council, regions, and states to carry out the tasks in accordance with the checklist to fit the time frame and report to the chief ministers for difficulties. He stressed the need to summon the military servants correctly and system­atically and not to summon the ones who are not citizens, asso­ciate citizens, and naturalized citizens. — MNA/KTZH