Farmers in Pyinmana Township receive monsoon agricultural loans

Pyinmana 1 June


Myanma Agricultural Development Bank in Pyinmana Township, Nay Pyi Taw, Union Territory is disbursing monsoon agricultural loans to farmers in the township. 


The bank started loans disbursement starting from 18 May and it continues by the end of September. The bank dispenses the loans at a rate of K 150,000 per acre of paddy and K 100,000 per acre of other crops. It is set to disburse agricultural loans for a maximum of 10 acres per person with an interest rate of five percent. 


It is allocated to disburse agricultural loans to 4314 farmers in villages in Pyinmana Township for 173 acres of paddy and 68 acres of other crops. On 1 June, a total of 124 farmers in Natthaye village-tract have been disbursed agricultural loans, according to a bank manager. 


Myo Thiha (IPRD)
Translated by Suyee