Goods pile up in Zokhawthar Village as dispute halts trade with Mizoram

29 March 


Starting 27 March, Myanmar’s border trade with Mizoram has been forced to a halt on account of a dispute between the Zokhawthar Village transport body and the All Vehicles Association of Champhai Transport Union (CTU) in Mizoram, India.


Myanmar exports goods through the Myanmar-India border gates to Mizoram State. Freight services were reportedly halted by the All Vehicles Association of CTU in response to the Zokhawthar Village transport body’s decision to collect funds for regional development from vehicles passing through the village, without conducting negotiations with the CTU. With the Zokhawthar transport body collecting fees, vehicles were reportedly queueing up in the village.


The closure of transport services by the CTU has resulted in Myanmar goods piling up in Zokhawthar Village. However, goods are being forced to continue to towns in Mizoram State.


Myanmar goods flow out of Rikhawdar border gate to Zokhawthar Village and then, they are transported to Champhai from where, goods are delivered to Mizoram State. Merchants are facing hardships on account of the closure at Champhai.—IPRD


(Translated by Ei Myat Mon)