Growers deliver large amounts of chickpeas to market at high price

May 18


THE growers in Monywa District are sending a large number of chickpeas to the market on account of the high price and they keep only a small inventory on hand.


“The growers store only 30 per cent of chickpeas production. Some growers sell them out amid the market uncertainty. In the previous years, the growers hold about 50 per cent of stocks on hand,” said U Chan Hein, secretary of the Monywa Commodity Centre.


The prices of chickpeas usually rise in June because of the donation and events. At present, the price is on the rise.


“The price rise is attributed to the hike in global fuel oil price and restriction on wheat and green pea import. The chickpeas fetched K25,000-30,000 per basket at the beginning of the harvest season. It gradually rose to K35,000 in the post-Thingyan period. The price is expected to reach K45,000 per basket in June and July,” said U Chan Hein.


The prevailing price is pretty high, yet the growers can receive a higher price if they wait for some time.


Approximately 2,000-3,000 bags of chickpeas are daily entering the Monywa market through Budalin, Ayadaw, and ChaungU and regions in the west of the Chindwin River, according to the Monywa Commodity Centre.


White chickpeas are primarily shipped to Pakistan. The mills in Monywa and Mandalay cities purchase red chickpeas, U Chan Hein added.


Chickpeas are primarily cultivated in the upper Myanmar region and it is also found in Bago Region in the lower Myanmar. Chickpeas (V2 and V7 varieties) are commonly exported to foreign markets. — Lu Lay/GNLM