Harness freshwater sources to be useful for the society

August 15, 2022


Freshwater is essential for the daily consumption of humans. Four major rivers and a number of creeks are conveying more than 800 million acre-feet of freshwater from the north to the south of the nation.
In Myanmar, various parts of water areas are filled with freshwater, except tidal areas from the deltaic region. So, local people do not thoroughly know the value of freshwater. Only when the persons who face a shortage of drinking water will they understand the value of freshwater. Actually, the entire Myanmar people consume some 45 million acre-feet of freshwater from various sources per year, accounting for about five per cent of the total freshwater volume.

Myanmar has many potentials for sustainable development of water sources and for operating water sources-based businesses and investments. In this regard, it is necessary to conserve forests in watershed areas in order to utilize river and creek networks in the long run.

The deforested areas are unable to prevent landslides, flash flooding, silting of rivers and creeks, erosions of cultivable lands as well as a lack of controlling underground water tapping. As a consequent impact, deforestation may affect efficient water utilization, generation of electricity, marine product production and transportation facilities.

As such, local authorities in different regions and states need to implement the prevention of watershed areas into consideration in cooperation with relevant ministries. They have to try hard to supply fresh water to local people in arid regions for daily consumption.

Deforestation may cause drought, loss of underground water, the disappearance of springs, and degradation of soil into desertification. If so, local people miss the chance to engage in agriculture and livestock farming tasks, harming the livelihoods of local people and their living standards. The improper situation of living standards cannot contribute to shaping the future of the new generation of youths.
Thanks to the concerted efforts of the government and the people, barren hills are being shaped by greening with the growth of trees, reemerging springs which will be reliable water sources for the local people. If so, everybody can comprehensively understand the value of freshwater and its useful ways.
Everybody is responsible for the efficient use of water in all seasons. Saving water means saving them as well as saving the world. Every drop of fresh water is invaluable not only for all the people but also for all the world. Every drop of fresh water can save many lives and build many countries. Humans have the capacity to harness the sources of freshwater to be useful for society.