High price of broken rice pushes up livestock product prices

Increasing broken rice prices pose a burden on live­stock businesses so the prices of livestock products signifi­cantly rise.


The prices of chicken, chicken egg and duck egg ral­lied. The egg prices soared to K350 per piece for duck eggs and K250 per pc for chicken eggs in 2023, Daw Khaing from Sangyoung Township, told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).


Earlier, people consumed eggs to reduce food costs. Now, the price has become high, she added. The broken rice, which is used as feedstuff, is priced at K40,000 per bag. Similarly, the prices of sesame beans, rice and bean by-products are relatively higher. The broken rice price doubled in two years. Battery hens need good feed and supplements. As ducks are set free in the field, the growers can save some feed costs.


The high price of eggs pushed up the price of fried rice with eggs, which is a popular breakfast for low-income peo­ple. Yet, the demand for eggs dropped compared to the previ­ous years.


The prices of eggs stood at K65-70 per piece in mid-August 2012 and increased to K110-130 per piece in 2013. The chicken price was K4,400 per viss then. The feed was valued at K360 per viss of rice bran, K1,200 for sesame meal, K1,000 for bean by-product and K400 per pyi (eight condensed milk cans) of broken rice.


After a decade, the prices were exorbitantly high at K1,500 for broken rice, K900 for rice bran, K2,700 for bean by-product, K2,400 for sesame meal, K250-350 per piece of egg and K7,000 per viss of chicken.


When the egg price was around K100 in 2013, China im­ported eggs into the upper My­anmar regions. Chicken eggs from Taunggyi are mainly sup­plied to the Yangon market. The duck eggs are entering the Yan­gon markets from delta regions, Kayan, Thongwa, Waw, Thanatpin areas and Mon State. Those duck eggs from the Mawlamyine area fetch higher prices than those of the delta regions. — TWA/EM