Highway bus lines face loss during pandemic

Highway bus lines are losing during the pandemic period, according to the officials from the highway bus lines.

During the coronavirus outbreak, the highway bus lines have closed their operations starting from April (water festival period) and now they started their operations beginning from June. Authorities have instructed the bus lines to restrict the number of passengers on board the highway buses and the passengers are also taking alternative seats to prevent the spreading of viral disease. With the declining number of passengers, the highway bus lines are losing, according to the officials from the highway bus lines.

“The passengers are not travelling with highway buses as we expected. We couldn’t increase the bus fare even though a passenger is using the two-seat space. Therefore, we are facing a loss and have to reduce the number of passenger buses. During this pandemic period, we have lost K40 or 50 million,” said an officer in charge from Arr Kar Min bus line. During the coronavirus prevention period, we got instructions from the authorities to sell the tickets, keeping the social distancing rule. So, we are selling the tickets with affordable prices to cover the loss, said an official from the highway bus lines.—Aye Cho 


(Translated by Hay Mar)