Human Wrongs



By Kyaw Myint Tun (Paris)


For ease of reference, let’s contin­ue to refer to these self-absorbed people in the Ivory Towers in Ge­neva and New York as SAPs.


Alert to ASEAN countries, Russia, China, and developing third-world coun­tries.


Hypocrites running amok!

A high-level SAP from Geneva is mak­ing rounds in some ASEAN countries preaching “human rights” and “democra­cy”. As usual, they descend from the sky and preach Eastern countries endlessly. Goodness gracious!


Where were these people when a certain island nation in the South Pa­cific (New Caledonia) was in flames re­cently? These SAPS preach the rights of small island states. They preach nonstop about the rights of Indigenous People. Oh yes, there is also a long-established office dealing with decolonization. When that particular island nation in the South Pacific erupted in flames, there was even a conference organized by the SAPS on Small Islands Developing States. Did any­one hear any expression of concern from these SAPs? What happens to defending the rights of Indigenous People? What about the rights of these Islanders? The island nation in question happens to be under the control of one of their “uncles”. They dare not say a word!


If there was a small group of 15 people marching in protest, say, in a Russian or Chinese city, these SAPS would jump immediately, calling for investigations. They would appoint so-called “special envoys”, “rapporteurs”, etc. When people of a certain island nation in the South Pa­cific protested because a colonial power tried to be smarter by half, these SAPS remained silent.


That island nation happens to have twice the size of population as Kiribati. How about making that island nation the 194th member of the United Nations? Give these indigenous islanders all the rights of a sovereign nation?


The situation in Sudan does not look good. Civil war has raged on for more than a year. There is a looming famine. The fact is, these SAPs have been in Sudan for years, decades! What have they been doing?


The Middle East is on fire. SAPS shout from afar. They lob “demands” from halfway around the world. None of their “uncles” listen. So, let’s make a trip to Asia and preach to these Asian countries.


These are hypocrites of the highest levels. Human Wrongs!