India offers to purchase Myanmar’s corn

India has offered to purchase corn from Myanmar; in spite of that, there are difficulties in shipping due to the decrease in the corn price in the global market, according to corn traders.


Although a massive amount of corn crops were exported in the zero tariff period of 1 February to 31 August, exports in September decreased significantly.


After Thailand froze the purchase order of corn from Myanmar, India has offered to buy them, and they will also be purchased as a substitute for opium by China.


The corn price of K1,180 per viss in the second week of September has been dropping to the lowest from K1,050 per viss in the Yangon market. A total of two million tonnes of corn is exported abroad each year, and it was exported to Thailand with tax exemption from February to August.


In September, 1,250 tonnes of corn were exported to China from the Lweje border and 2,294 tonnes from the Chinshwehaw border. At present, Myanmar corn is shipped to Viet Nam, Ma­laysia, and the Philippines via the maritime route and exported to Thailand and China via the border trade route. — TWA/CT