Japanese companies to recruit over 1,000 Myanmar workers

The Myanmar Embassy in To­kyo announced on 31 January that 312 Japanese companies will recruit more than 1,000 Myanmar workers.


The statement said My­anmar Embassy in Tokyo is screening demand letters sent by the Ministry of Labour through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a timely manner.


The Myanmar Embassy is verifying, with a labour inspec­tion company, whether the com­panies and factories recruiting Myanmar workers are legally established or not. The remarks and findings on those verifica­tions will be returned to the Ministry of Labour.


The Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo verified demand letters from 17 to 31 January 2023 and the notification for 312 job offer letters was released. A total of 312 Japanese companies have planned to recruit over 1,043 Myanmar workers, accord­ing to the notification.—TWA/ MKKS