Ministry of Cooperatives and Rural Development implements smart villages

The Ministry of Cooperatives and Rural Development plans to implement 40 smart villages under the Smart Village Project this financial year.


The Smart Village Project aims to narrow the development gap between urban and rural ar­eas, improve living standards for rural residents, and strengthen the local economy. It began as a five-year initiative starting from the financial year 2022-2023, with 43 villages already implemented in its inaugural year.


In the subsequent financial year of 2023-2024, officials ex­panded the project to 45 villages, and an additional 40 villages are slated for implementation in the current 2024-2025 financial year. To ensure ongoing success, the relevant committee and local communities are closely moni­toring operational management in these villages.


Collaboration among the De­partment of Cooperative, the De­partment of Rural Development, the Department of Small-Scale Industries, and other related de­partments is critical. They work in concert in field supervision, provide necessary technologies, and address project challenges as they arise. — TWA/KZL