MoALI to boost soya bean meal production for import substitution

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation will endeavour to reduce soybean meal import for animal feed year over year and boost domestic production, Deputy Minister Dr Aung Gyi said.


The soybean meal is utilized for animal feed production as quality vegetable protein. The ministry held a meeting regard­ing import substitution for the soya bean cake at the No 36 of­fice building in Nay Pyi Taw on 20 June.


He highlighted matters re­garding the reduction of soya bean meal import, bolstering domestic production, increase in oil crop plantation, the quali­ty standard for soya bean meal, yearly output for soya bean meal, cut import volume on soya bean meal, self-sufficiency for feed­stuff and future plan to have a competitive market for feedstuff. He urged attendees to partici­pate actively in the discussion.


Representatives from insti­tutions concerned and the pri­vate sector also talked about the production of oil crops, including soya bean, oil milling process, quality for oil seed cake and food safety measures, upgrad­ing mills and private financing for the development of oilseed cake, support to extend soya bean plantation and coordina­tion to fulfil the requirements in feedstuff production by oil mills. — NN/KK