MoC organizes team to check weight, quality of export rice and rice products

April 09


The Ministry of Commerce said it organized a team to check the weight and quality of rice and rice products for export.


The ministry assigned the Myanmar Inspection and Testing Services Ltd (MITS) by organizing the team to check the weight and quality of rice and rice products for export on 6 April exercising the authorities under Notification 231/2022 of the State Administration Council issued on 19 December 2022.


The MITS shall have to check whether the weight of rice and rice products is in conformity with the fixed quality or meet the quality control processes, and the rice and rice products must be exported with the recommendation of that company.


Moreover, the MITS can cooperate with the business organizations of the rice sector, and wholesale centres in carrying out the duties mentioned in the order and can collect the fees for testing depending on the types of tests as per the standards of technology and SOPs. It can also release public notices with the approval of the ministry.


Moreover, the MITS has the authority to issue the findings on the inspection of the weight and quality of rice and rice products to the business organizations or companies, the copies to governmental organizations and companies if necessary.


The MITS shall submit a report once every three months to the ministry. The MITS must report unusual cases while serving the duties to the ministry to seek a decision in a timely manner and carry out the duties as per the instructions of the ministry.


Therefore, if there is any dispute regarding the findings of MITS, the business organizations or companies can report to the ministry within two weeks from the date of issue with firm evidence and the decision of the ministry must be the final solution. – NN/ KTZH