Mongolia has welcomed over 216,000 foreign tourists so far in 2023

June, 5

Mongolia has welcomed 216,668 foreign tourists so far this year, with Russia and China being the biggest source of arrivals, the country's Ministry of Environment and Tourism said Monday.


The Mongolian government has been taking measures to revive the pandemic-hit tourism sector. In January, it exempted citizens of 34 countries from visa requirements for up to 30 days until the end of 2025 for tourism purposes, bringing the total number of visa-free countries to 61.


The country has also classified 2023, 2024 and 2025 as "Years to Visit Mongolia" and is expected to organize more than 90 events in 2023 to promote tourism.


Mongolia has set a goal of welcoming at least 1 million foreign tourists and earning 1 billion U.S. dollars from tourism in the coming years.


The country received 290,400 foreign tourists in 2022, earning 350 million dollars from the tourism sector.