Myanmar border trade with China surpasses US$400M in April-May

June 14


The border trade value between Myanmar and China hit US$416.867 million in the past two months of the current financial year 2024-2025 beginning 1 April, which declined from $640.43 million recorded in the corresponding period last year, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics showed. The figures reflected a significant decrease of $223.564 million this FY compared to that of the year-ago period.


Myanmar conducts cross-border trade with neighbouring China via Muse, Lweje, Chinshwehaw, Kampaiti, and Kengtung. The Muse border registered the highest trade figure of $215.668 million. The trade values stood at $92.796 million via Kampaiti, $1.214 million via Lweje and $107.189 million via Kengtung. Myanmar has been carrying out border trade with the four neighbouring countries – China, Thailand, Bangladesh and India. Export items are agricultural produce, livestock products, fisheries products, minerals, forest products, manufacturing goods and other goods. Myanmar imports capital goods, intermediate goods, manufacturing goods and raw materials for CMP enterprises. — NN/KK