Myanmar-China border trade hits US$280M in one month

The border trade value between Myan­mar and China declined to US$280.44 million as of 10 March of the current financial year 2024-2025, beginning 1 April, from $407.7 million recorded in the corresponding period last year, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics showed.


The figures reflected a significant de­crease of $127.28 million this FY compared to that of the year-ago period.


Myanmar conducts cross-border trade with neighbouring China via Muse, Lweje, Chinshwehaw, Kampaiti and Kengtung. The Muse border registered the highest trade fig­ure of $140.28 billion.


The trade values stood at $67.66 million via Kampaiti, $1.214 million via Lweje and $71.27 million via Kengtung, respectively.


Myanmar has been carrying out border trade with the four neighbouring countries — China, Thailand, Bangladesh and India.


Export items are agricultural products, livestock products, fisheries products, miner­als, forest products, manufacturing goods and other goods, while capital goods, intermediate goods, manufacturing goods and raw materials by CMP enterprises are imported. — NN/EM