Myanmar exports about 400,000 tonnes of black gram worth US$352 mln

According to the Ministry of Commerce, approximately 400,000 tonnes of black gram, valued at US$352 million, were exported abroad.


Furthermore, between 1 April and 6 October, goods worth $734 million, including various beans and pulses weighing 884,627 tonnes, were shipped abroad. Among these exports, black gram led the way with 396,841 tonnes, valued at US$352 million. Mung beans and pigeon peas were also exported, amounting to $163 million and $95 million, respectively.


The price of black gram RC reached its highest point on 11 October 2023, at K2,650,000 per tonne, remaining at K2,649,000 on 14 October. During the second week of October, when the price increased, 95 containers of black gram RC weighing 2,280 tonnes were reportedly traded.


Reportedly, the price for a tonne of exported FOB black gram FAQ ranges from $990 to $1,010, while SQ is priced between $1,095 and $1,115, and pigeon peas range from $1,350 to $1,370.


Despite fluctuations in the price of black gram, the price of pigeon peas remained constant for two weeks, from 29 September to 14 October, at K4,075,000 per tonne.


There are approximately 150,000 tonnes of black gram remaining in the country. While India, a significant consumer of black gram, has introduced a new black gram variety, its quality is not favorable.


In Myanmar, early in 2024, new multi-cropped black grams are expected to become available, particularly from the delta regions. — TWA/CT