Myanmar exports over 26,420 tonnes of rice in Sept 2nd week

The data from the Ministry of Commerce reveals that over 26,420 tonnes of rice and broken rice were exported during the second week of September.


From 9 to 15 September, My­anmar exported more than 14,610 tonnes of rice valued at US$8.08 million via the maritime route and 2,009 tonnes of rice worth $0.898 million through the My­anmar-China border trade. This adds up to about 16,620 tonnes of rice shipped via the two routes, with a total value of $8.978 million.


Rice exports comprised 10,900 tonnes to Asian countries, over 2,150 tonnes to EU member countries, and 1,560 tonnes to African countries. Myanmar’s rice exports reached countries including Indonesia, the Philip­pines, Malaysia, Singapore, Chi­nese Taipei, the Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Africa, Mo­zambique, and the Ivory Coast.


In the second week of Sep­tember, more than 8,100 tonnes of broken rice, valued at $3.617 million, were shipped via the maritime trade route, and over 1,700 tonnes of broken rice worth $0.693 million were sent abroad through the Myanmar-China border trade route. The total export of broken rice exceeded 9,800 tonnes, with a combined value of $4.31 million.


Concerning broken rice ex­ports, 4,150 tonnes of broken rice were exported to Asian countries, while more than 3,950 tonnes of broken rice were shipped to European Union member coun­tries. Broken rice found its way to destinations including the Philippines, China, Viet Nam, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Germany.


Compared to the previous week’s exports, there was an in­crease of more than 7,000 tonnes of rice and over 4,000 tonnes of broken rice exported during this period. — TWA/CT