Myanmar exports surpass imports in cross-border trade with Bangladesh

Myanmar’s exports outperformed imports in the cross-border trade with Bangladesh, with exports worth US$5.4 million and imports worth $0.936 million as of 18 August in the 2023- 2024 financial year begin­ning 1 April, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics showed.


Myanmar’s fishery exports accounted for 65 per cent and exports of dried groceries con­stituted 35 per cent at two border posts with Bangladesh: Sittway and Maungtaw border posts. The fishery products in­clude farmed rohu, hilsa, mackerel, dried ancho­vy and dried fish meal. Tamarind, onion, ginger, dried jujube powder, jag­gery, longyi and clothes are also exported.


Myanmar sent tam­arind, palm paste and fresh ginger valued at $0.0582 million to Bang­ladesh via the Sittway border between 19 and 22 August, while no im­port was seen at the border.


On 21-22 August, Myanmar carried out a border trade worth $0.168 million with Bang­ladesh via the Maungtaw checkpoint. Various fish­eries including live mud crab, live mussels, fro­zen crab, salted fish, live prawn, banana, onion and fresh chilli pepper were the main export items, whereas fruit, canned fish and ceramic tiles were imported.


The capacity of Yangon-Sittway Road can only accommodate 12-wheel trucks in the rainy season. There are about 70 nautical miles between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Yet, mari­time trade is conducted depending on the weath­er forecast in the mon­soon season. — TWA/KK