Myanmar-made peanut shellers, corn harvesters gain popularity among farmers

Thanks to locally made peanut shelling machines and corn com­bine harvester, the farmers can now save time, and the number of users is increasing, according to the Nan Ko Ko Peanut Sheller and Corn Harvester Manufac­turing.


These machines are made of iron frame and powered by 22 horsepower engines.


“Farmers can save time. They are fast. After threshing and shelling with this machine, seeds can grow again. When the ears of corn are inserted, ker­nels are produced. And if you put in peanut pods, you get peanut kernels. These machines are be­ing sold well in the market. The number of users has increased,” an official said.


When a peanut sheller runs for one hour, it produces 30 bas­kets of kernels while a corn com­bine harvester produces 70 bas­kets of corn kernels. Since these are time- and labour-saving agri­cultural machines, many farm­ers have chosen to use them. A corn combined harvester costs K4.5 million and a peanut sheller K7.5 million. —Thit Taw/ZN